D C Hill

D C hill, born in Carlisle, was educated in the North and the South of the county. After leaving school, he went on to study Art and Design at Lancaster Art College. A love of foreign travel took him to Latin America and Spain, where he worked in the orange groves of Valencia. Some years later while on a walking holiday in Andalusia he met Thuline, his future wife. Inspired by the work of Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, the Mediterranean home and the lakes, he produced a series of colourful images that try to evoke a sense of domestic day-to-day life.
Since opening up the Gallery D C Hill has been developing a range of lino prints/cards mainly about cycling. The T-shirts with the south Lakeland map proves to be very popular. “I feel very lucky to design and make art work that is about one of my hobbies (cycling).Not only does it give me great satisfaction but also seems to please many others around the World.”
The work of Thuline's husband is a combination of fast bright moving images and a moody retro feel from a bygone time.
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This is a slide show created by Bikes Magazine of D C Hills’ work