Snow scapes in Acrylic
Art workshop
7 December

Product Description

In this workshop you will be painting snow scapes  in acrylic. You will be learning different techniques, how to create depth, how to do glazes.

We will be:

Mixing colours, using different brush strokes for different textures, Mix different tones of colours, use of glazes,

We maybe adding some details afterwards with pastel as well, I usually just use black and white(hard pastels), but no reason to use more colour)

The workshop is held at the Windermere gallery

Saturday from 10 til 4 pm

Sunday from 11 till 5 pm

If this day does not suit you, book your own day (or half) We can seat up to 6 people: £70 per person, 3+ it becomes £50 again


snowscape2  snowscape1-sm snow on scoutscar-phsm


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Saturday 15 December, Sunday 16 December


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