Buildings in Mix Media
Art workshop
21 September

Product Description



In this workshop you will be painting Villages and towns/ buildings in the lakes in Mix media,  Acrylic and pastel. You can bring your own photo’s or use mine. You will be learning some about mixing different tones and colours, layering the paint

Understanding the influence of colours on each other how to create depth in you painting.

A bit of understanding of perspective would be handy, but don’t worry if you struggle, help will be at hand.

All art materials are provided.

And so is tea, coffee and biscuits….

If this day does not suit you, book your own day (or half) We can seat up to 6 people

The workshop is held at the Windermere gallery

Saturday from 10 til 4 pm

If necessary, a second workshop can be put on on the Sunday


The Jumble Room