-1. gift voucher for a virtual workshop

Product Description

As it is not possible to come on a workshop in Windermere, I will come to you (virtual).

I will probably do this in zoom or messenger. Other suggestions welcome.

The first few will be at £30 for a 6 hour workshop, once I’m used to it, this price will go up a bit.

Unfortunately materials aren’t included.

I’m negotiating with my local art shop to send out packages of materials. As soon as I’ve got a price and know that they can do it, I will put these online for sale. I will add there phone number so if you would like to add more colours, you can do that.

Suggested colours: white, yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red hue, Alzarin, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ultramarine, prussian blue

Other colours : Turquoise, cerulean

Mix set of different size brushes, I like the light blue handled  Royal and Langnickel.

2 water pots and tissue

Soft sponges come in handy


The Jumble Room

All canvas prints on sale 10% off, 25% off this will be donated to NHS charities together (discount applied in basket)