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Thuline has been teaching in adult education and schools since 1997.

In 2017 Thuline opened her  second gallery in Windermere ,Here Thuline is be able to teach small groups, up to 6 people.

You can join a weekly class or day-workshops as.
A wide range of subjects are covered including
Animals in Mixed Media, autumn colours, land & Seascape painting,…Private sessions can be organised for groups up to 6 people. These can be half, full days, or evenings
These can be both for adults or families (great idea for a rainy day)

The workshops can happen either in the Windermere gallery or on location.

If there is space, Thuline can then work with larger groups.

One to one tuition can be provided both in the
Windermere and Kendal Gallery.

A variety of subjects can be covered, individual requests can be catered for.
Popular courses are animals in mix media, autumn colour, seascapes, landscapes…
Materials are provided for the day workshops.
All levels of ability can be accommodated.Look on here to find out which
workshops are available.
Want to book on one of the courses. Follow this link to book online or ring 01539422382

Individuals: £50 A DAY

£25 ½ day


Full day: £70

2 hours: £40

Family of  4: £150 a day

£75 for 1/2 day

Thuline can also come on location and accommodate bigger groups
She also  gives art demonstrations

 Day and 1/2 workshops can be booked by art groups and schools

Thuline is also available for demonstrations

If you or your organisation is interested in these, please get in touch by email or you can ring me on 01539 724414



Day and weekend workshops/ 10 week courses

  • Workshops for Art society
  • A day of drawing for primary school teachers: to help boosting your confidence when doing art with children.
  • Making mix media collages baste on a still live
  • A day of drawing and watercolour
  • A day of drawing outside.
  • Drawing and painting inside a church.
  • Life drawing
  • acrylic workshops
  • mixmedia workshops
  • A 10 week basic drawing courses
  • A 10 week water colour course
  • A 10 week acrylic course
  • A 10 week course focussing on animals
  • I am available for private tuition at your home or from my studio Other courses and ideas can be discussed.
  • I’m also interested in working with the elderly and the disabled.


I’m available for 2 hour demonstrations on how to paint animals in acrylic an pastel mix media

On this Facebook page, you will see lots of images of work done by students, both adults and children


  • Over the last 10 years, I have been doing workshop usually mix media studies, with different Art societies
  • The last 3 years, I also started doing 2 hour demonstrations on how to do an acrylic and pastel study of an animal
  • 2015 -1998 Beginners drawing
  • 2015-2000 Intermediate drawing (and some painting)
  • 2015 Painting scapes
  • 2014 Painting nature
  • 2015 Queen Elisabeth School Kirkby Kendal. I showed the Children different techniques on using Acrylic and pastel, which they then applied in there A level work
  • 2015 Settlebeck school Primary: The children did some Mixmedia drawings(acrylic and pastel) of farm animals on A2 sized paper
  • 2015 Settlebeck Highschool: Charcoal drawings of farm animals on A2 size paper
  • 2015 Burton Morewood CE Primary. 2 days of Mixmedia drawings(acrylic and pastel) of farm animals on A2 sized paper, 2 days of creating Burton cows A1 size cow profile which are decorated with all different aspects of Burton
  • 2014-2010 Drawing and painting. Organised by the Lakes Adult education centre
  • 2010 Panto pronto:year 3 and 4:The ‘Panto Pronto’ scenery was part of a cross –curricular project on pantomime. The children explored all the different characters from pantomime and how they had been portrayed on posters and in advertising. We researched the different characters from many fairytales and then the children made their initial drawings. I encouraged them to paint a lot bigger than they usually do; year 4s using a limited palette ( to avoid muddy colours) and year 3s using black and white to create startling contrasts. Dark outlines ensured visibility from the back of the hall. These were mounted to make a vibrant backdrop for the play. The children wrote and directed the play
  • 2010 The butterfly work was part of a cross-curricular project on mini-beasts. Year 2 children visited a butterfly house to gather information and then designed their own butterfly. Using watered down paint and using a folding technique they created beautiful patterns on their butterflies. These were finished with black lines. The process was repeated on both sides. When these were assembled as a mobile they created a stunning centre piece, hanging from the hall ceiling.
  • 2009 year 1 Ghyllside school: the class worked together on a large scale(7x2m) painting inspired by Miro
  • 2009 year 3 Ghyllside School: the children drew wildlife animals on a large scale. on these they painted patterns using different printing techniques
  • 2007 The Big Draw, Drawing workshop in Kirkby Kendal School, Kendal, with a-level students.
  • 2007 year 2 Ghyllside School: large charcoal drawing of a forest(joint effort of all the children, Finished of with colourful mini beast.
  • 2007 I ran a play-group for toddlers at the Methodist church, which included lots of creative activities, exploring paint and other materials
  • 2006  Workshops through out the school: Stools in Ghana, Wild Life patterns, Arnside Primary School2011 (for several years)
  • 2006Ghyllside school: redecorating the cloakrooms in a Jackson Pollock -Alien style.
  • Want to draw?/want to draw more. Drawing class in the Brewery Arts Centre Kendal, to help improve drawing skills and confidence


  • 2017 painting scapes. Adult Education. Brewery Art Centre Kenda
  • 20oo-2016, beginners drawing, more advanced drawing, painting scape, nature…, Adult Education. Brewery Art Centre Kenda
  • 2000 I was part of the designing and executing team of the Millennium Mural(2 by 8m), which after being exhibited in different venues in the South Lakes, went on permanent display in the Kendal Library. This included workshops with children of all ages.
  • 1999 Residencies on several farms organised by Kendal Windows on Art. The paintings went on show in Sizergh Barn shop, The Westmoreland shopping Centre and at the Westmoreland Show.
  • 1999 Beginners Drawing and Painting class. Adult Education. Brewery Art Centre Kendal
  • 2000 Beginners Drawing and Painting class. Adult Education
  • 2000 Beginners Drawing and Painting. Open College of the North West. Stage A and B. Dallam Community Education
  • 1997/1999 Making space workshops. Art workshops with Schizophrenic people and their care takers. Organised at Green Door Studios.
  • 1994 I worked for a few years in a migration centre in Belgium, where the projects I put together about the different cultures living in Ghent, were always followed up by art workshops. The biggest project I was involved with was the reconstruction of a Moroccan Village, as part of a larger exhibition. The whole school was involved.

This is a selection of work by  beginners drawing classes and beginners with some experience…

All work, apart from the water colour is done on an A2 sizes paper (Even the mushrooms and shells)

These are just some of the works students, both children and adults have done over the years…

More student work you can find on my studentwork facebook page


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