Photographic tips



Here are a few tips to make a good picture


Set your digital camera to high quality image (300 dpi) instead of the default 72 dpi. Mobile phones rarely take good enough pictures


Photograph outdoors if possible, in good light conditions, without flash. Bright sunlight often causes squinting and creates strong shadows that reduce the detail I can see, so a bright overcast day is better. If you can’t get outside, try to position the subject near a window for as much natural daylight as possible, but not in direct sunlight.


Get down to their eye level because a good view of the eyes is really important. Lie on the ground if necessary.


Ensure that the area you want painted almost fills the viewfinder and is in focus.


Don’t worry about what’s in the background – that will be edited out

Enlist the help of someone (plus toys or treats) to position the animal’s head where you want it and get a lively expression.

Watch that tongue(especially if you don’t want it painted)


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