Thuline’s art gallery Kendal


My husband, the boys and me have been talking about opening a art Gallery Kendal, but in 2013, after a fantastic holiday in Cornwall, seeing all the artists in St-Ives, we decided to go for it. We Came back half way August, found the shop, and opened 2 weeks later, just in time for Mint Fest.

As well as selling from here, this is also were I paint. The room is big, and after working from my small studio at home for so long, this is fantastic.

Across from the Brewery Arts Centre, the location is perfect. It is busy enough, but not to busy so I can’t paint.

We came up with some fantastic names… But as my name is so unusual and my website is, we decided to use that one.

With the shop window, I now reach a much bigger audiences.

I am very happy here….


Come and visit us, but if you come from far, please give a ring beforehand.

You can walk into the gallery on Google maps.

139 Highgate- Kendal- LA9 4EN
  Across from the Brewery Arts Center Kendal
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Opening days:

Monday: 10.30-17.00



Thursday: 10.30-17.00

Friday: 10.30-17.00

Saturday: 10.30-17.00

But as this is also my studio, often I am here earlier and later


most Sundays, unless I have to much work to do, or there is a festival in town.

You can always email or text(ring) to make sure I will be there or make an appointment
07753 986856
01539 724414

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